Estudiar Cursos de Verano en el Extranjero - Israel 2018
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Interested Universities

If your University is not yet part of this program, we would like to invite it to participate. In order to do so, we need a contact person. Contacts can be professors, administrative personnel or students. If 15 or more people from the same university participate in the seminar, the contact person can join them free of charge. If you are interested in serving as liaison, or know someone who could be, please contact us at:

Following the contact's initiative, the university can collaborate in different ways:

  • Send program invitations to students by email.
  • Post the program contents on the University web site or in other publications
  • Promote the program through bulletins and posters
  • Organize information sessions or 5 minutes presentations in classes related to the topic of the seminar
  • Include the Coexistence program as part of the university's international programs.
  • Validate the program credits as course work
  • Grant scholarships to interested participants