Estudiar Cursos de Verano en el Extranjero - Israel 2018
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Financial Aid

At Coexistence in the Middle East (CME) we make every effort to keep program costs low, offering an itinerary packed with site visits and guest speakers for the price of a regular summer course.

The following is a list of potential sources of funding for participants requiring scholarships. Visit the Rothberg International School's Financial Services page to learn about other opportunities. You may find the Alternate Sources of Funding section especially helpful.

1. Local scholarship opportunities

Many participants receive local funding to partially or fully cover program costs, sometimes including airfare and personal expenses. Applicants mostly find this financial aid on their own in their countries of origin, through their academic institutions, local organizations, or scholarship foundations.

Some of our alumni share their findings with us, which we are happy to pass along. Register with our website, at no cost and with no obligation to participate, so we can share this information with you:

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We encourage you to look for these opportunities on your own as nobody knows better than you which potential funding sources might suit your personal background.

2. Ambassador Program: Earn scholarships while promoting coexistence

Help us promote coexistence and receive a stipend for introducing others to our program. Receive US$200* for each participant you introduce who enrolls in both CME courses and US$100* for each participant you introduce who enrolls in only one course. Alumni can earn scholarships retroactively and be reimbursed part of their participation fees. Terms and conditions.

You can introduce participants in two ways:

  1. Share invitation links and emails with your PRN:

    Below you can get a special invitation email containing links with your personal referral number (PRN). Share it and we will consider anyone who accesses our website for the first time through a link with your PRN, and subsequently registers to our website, as having been introduced by you.

    You must enter a valid email address

    *Enter the email address that you used to register to our website. Haven't registered yet? Register Now.

  2. Be our campus ambassador:

    Promote CME on your campus and we will consider each student from your institution who participates as having been introduced by you. If you are interested, please send us your CV and your institution's name, location, and website.

3. Need-Based Scholarships

A limited amount of need-based scholarships is available. Applicants must be accepted to the program before they can be considered for a scholarship. Once they have been accepted, applicants may request financial aid by sending the following items to and

Funds are quite limited can only go towards helping participants pay part of their tuition fees. We recommend submitting requests for the lowest amount needed to enable participation. Since we try to enable as many qualified participants to attend InnovNation as possible, priority will be given to individuals with the lowest requests and those enrolled in both summer courses.

*Terms and conditions

You may receive a stipend for every introduced participant who:

  1. Participates in one of the sessions offered at the time he/she was introduced to the program.
  2. Completes the registration process and covers the total cost of the program on time.
  3. Has not contacted us previously.
  4. Does not claim that he/she was introduced by someone else. Campus ambassadors will receive half of the stipend if the participant has been introduced by someone else.
  5. The trip for which he/she enrolled is not cancelled.
  6. Does not receive scholarships from our program or sponsor institutions.

Scholarships will be calculated once the deadline for paying the total cost of the program passes. The scholarships will be granted to participants as discounts on the total cost of the program and to non-participants as a stipend, sent via Pay Pal.

Participants entitled to discounts will have an extra week to pay their tuition. Non-participants must provide us with a legal receipt for the total amount of the scholarship and a copy of an Official ID. Stipends for non-participants will not be commissioned until the program's completion and all applicable tax and transfer costs will be deducted from the stipend.