Estudiar Cursos de Verano en el Extranjero - Israel 2018
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Budget and meals

Please note that all the costs presented here are estimates based on the feedback of previous participants. Please use this information as a reference only, as costs and exchange rates may change over time.


The program's fees include tuition, participation in all academic field trips and housing. Flights, airport transfers, meals and payment transaction fees are not included

Many candidates ask us how much money they should bring to cover expenses not included in the program. The truth is that personal budgets vary from participant to participant, depending on interests and needs.

Our alumni recommend bringing between 500-1000 USD to cover all other costs, including excursions, meals, and other activities. Please keep in mind that the activities you wish to do in your free time along with the kind of meals you would like to eat may be different from other participants.


There is no meal plan, but the kitchens are equipped with stovetop burners and refrigerators for preparing light meals and snacks. Kitchens do not come equipped with flatware, dishes, or pots and pans. If there is room in your luggage, such items can be brought from home, but they can also easily be purchased here in Jerusalem.

Moderately priced kosher cafeterias and snack bars, as well as small supermarkets, can be found in or near each student housing complex.

Previous participants who prepared light meals and occasionally went out spent between160 and 210 USD on food per month. Complete meals cost 7 to 10 USD on campus, and  9 to 15 USD off campus.