Estudiar Cursos de Verano en el Extranjero - Israel 2018
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"This trip was not just one more trip, but an experience where I was able to learn, at an academic level, much more than you ever could in a regular trip. The structure of the course is intense but done at a very high level with expert and recognized lecturers. Above all, this trip was a personal experience that transformed me into, not only a more analytical, but also a more humane person. To learn from people who live with the fear of imminent fight, makes me reflect on how people volunteer to contribute to their society, on the culture of overcoming tough situations, on the sadness of loss, on the hope of a peaceful tomorrow and on the value of life. For me this trip was a dream come true. A trip that showed me the horizons and taught me to trust that by doing my share, as small as it may be, when added to that of millions it can build a better tomorrow."

Natalia Herrera
B.A. in History, UIA, Mexico

“The experience of watching the conflict and the people that live it from up close is indescribable… To watch a situation that does not entirely involve you, makes you put into perspective the circumstances of your country. This experience allowed me to understand a lot of things that I did not know, and respect those things that I still do not understand. It made me recognize myself and the complexity inside me as a creative potential to respond to the challenges of reality. There cannot be a better place than the Holy Land to understand that intimate feelings are the most universal and that language is not a barrier as long as you can look someone in the eyes, cry or laugh.”

Mercedes Romero Diaz
B.A. in International Relations, UCV, Venezuela

 “I came to the seminar with the hope of learning more about the conflict in a real and tangible dimension, with the idea to know and value every perspective, vision, truth and effort made in order to reach an agreement to leave in peace, thinking about the future and building on the past. The experience I lived completely fulfilled all these expectations and I simultaneously discovered the true meaning of “coexistence“. It was a truly inspiring experience, of openness and communication. I was sometimes disappointed, thinking that the intolerance in Israel is stronger than the desire for peace. Truthfully, I leave as an optimist, mainly because I realize how my work can help make that peace come true. That assurance was given to me by the seminar. The mission of communicating the possibility of peace is the responsibility that I impose on myself today. This doesn’t end here.”

Natalia Ramos Briones
Bachelor in Journalism, PUC, Chile

“The closeness to each aspect of Israeli reality honored the complexity that make this earth such an important and interest place. If I had to find an adjective it would be "truthful", this trip was truthful in all senses. Multiple encounters, multiple mix-ups, many voices and perspectives. Interminable discussions and delicate friendships that were woven imperceptibly, and the impact of a living earth that by much exceeds us all, the locals and the foreigners, the Arabs and the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians, the Bedouins, the Druses, the Palestinians, the ones that belong to the left and the ones that belong to the right, to the inhabitants of the kibbutzim and to the inhabitants of the city, the terrorists and the ones being terrorized, the soldiers and the civilians, the rich and the poor.”

Alejandro Alvarez Herrera-Lasso
B.A. in History, UIA, Mexico

“This seminar has been an exceptional experience. My suitcase is filled not only with gifts, but with dreams, illusions and hope, the hope to see this land in PEACE, and that Jerusalem will finally represent what its name means: the City of Peace. But for this it’s not enough to be an observer, we have to do as much as we can to reach this goal. This seminar has helped us know the root of the conflict, and understand the different points of view that exist in the region, from a neutral point of view. There will always be a before and after for this trip to Israel, from this trip to coexistence and from this trip to LIFE.”

Raquel Lopez Garcia
B.A. in Law, Jaen University, Spain

"The project "Coexistence in the Holy Land" pretends and succeeds to analyze in an objective manner, the Arab-Israeli conflict. On top of that, it also proposes diverse solutions, looking at the similarities rather than the differences in the people that are involved in the conflict. The presentation of the subject matters, the lecturers and the places we visited where always linked to a human point of view, which made this seminar an excellent way to explain, in all of its magnitude, the current reality of Israel."

Ruth Alejandra Davila
Ph.d. inPolitical and Social Sciences, UNAM, Mexico

“I cannot begin to estimate how much the seminar “Coexistence in the Holy Land” helped me grow both personally and academically; I believe that I will feel its effects my whole life.”

Rebecca Helen Pie Reiswerg
B.A. in Law, University of Fortaleza, Brasil

"After being in this fascinating place where religions, communities and civilizations coexist, I found a very different reality that the one I could’ve perceived with the lack of a profound knowledge of the circumstances. I will always remember the images I contemplated, the words I interiorized, and the emotions I lived. The knowledge has been profound and complete, and was transmitted by people that have great human quality. It has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life, superior to any of my expectations and rich in every sense."

Ana Paola Lopez
B.A. in International Relations, Anahuac University, Mexico

“I bring with me admiration for those who have forgiven and search reconciliation with those that had brought sorrow to them; the frustration of hearing complaints without solutions and countless justifications for others sufferings. But I come back as well with plenty of smiles from words that search for reconciliation, hope for peace and actions to obtain it from Acco, to Kfar Har, to the Geneva Initiative and many others. What I’m taking back from Israel and from this seminar is a list of heroes, of people who I admire for their determination to solve what for many years and for many people has not been possible. Listening and observing the will of both Palestinians and Jews to solve this conflict gives me faith that hope is the last thing to die and that hope can accomplish what for a long time had seemed impossible.”   

Clara Schettino
B.A. in Political Sciences and International Relations, CIDE, Mexico

“The Seminar Coexistence in Holy Land is a unique experience to finally begin to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was an intellectually challenging experience, because it touches the critical themes of political negotiations from different viewpoints and makes us understand that agreements do not succeed through laws or orders, but become a reality when we start to listen to each other.”

Fidel Padilla Hernandez
B.A. in International Relations, ITAM, México

“It was an incredible experience both on an academic and personal level. It will never be the same to learn while experiencing a social reality than to study it from books and classrooms. I had the opportunity to observe a very complex reality, which it seems very far away, but it is much closer than we think to the situations that our Latin American countries are living, because it shows the very essence of human beings. I would’ve loved to freeze time in those days, while sharing so many experiences with companions that were unique and the people from the institute that behave like a family. This trip will always draw a smile on my face and make me feel all the gratitude in the world on my soul.”

Maria Angelica Benavides
B.A. in Internacional Relations, UCV, Venezuela

“Coexistence in Holy Land is a program that helps you form your own criteria, find yourself, learn what you want out of life, value what you have and understand that you have to care about what is happening in the world, like the Arab-Israeli conflict. Studying international relations, political science, law, etc., is not enough to learn about all the conflicts that are happening all over the world, it is also not enough to watch or listen to news everyday. To go further from the information the media shows you, you need to want to know, to break paradigms and take aside prejudices, so you can construct your own vision of things, taking into account many points of view.”

Alejandra Juarez Badillo
B.A. in International Relations, UNIVA, Mexico

“This trip marks the difference between what we can read and understand through the media and the academy, and what the explored reality in a safe and quiet way really is. Each day we spent here showed us the reality of the Middle East in an objective and experiential manner, to form our own judgment of the conflict and its possible solutions. The work of the Institute is invaluable in this aspect. I hope everyone interested can experience this and help build a better society in their own countries” 

Armando Diaz Mohrstedt
MBA, UIA, Mexico

“In order to be a professional in international studies it’s indispensable to have a critical vision of the events that are happening around the world, because that will allow us to understand what we have to do in the environment in which we live in; this is were the seminar contributes in a big way. Thanks to the seminar we submerge in water with different currents, which cross each other forming a very complex reality, in which, knowledge and acceptance are the only factors that should prevail, in a more specific way, in the situation that Israel and Palestine live; which at the same time, works as a universal source of tools and materials to grow as more objective professionals in the benefit on humanity.”

Daniela Rodriguez Martinez
B.A. in International Relations, UCV, Venezuela

“Israel is an eclectic place, of multiple realities, multiple cultures, multiple perspectives, and multiple people…a surprising place and extremely interesting. A unique experience. One of learning, analysis and introspection. Something worth living, as the academic portion mixes with the experiences, theory with practice and rational with emotional. I leave with a great taste, learning much more than academic things but about myself… that idealistic part of me which seemed gone is back in me with a desire to think that everything could improve, that change can happen and that not much is needed for it to happen. Israel is a place full of complexities, which are not more than the complexities of human beings in general."

Mariela Gomez Araiza
B.A. in History, UIA, Mexico

“Coming to the Holy Land with this seminar has touched me forever. To see from the inside, even for just a few days, such an incredible and fascinating country (regardless of its reputation in the world) has been something special which motivates me to believe that many things could be different if we want them to be and we start working for it. Israel is a place with thousands of faces and each one has something to teach and share. It is a country where bad things happen, but many good things happen too, and it is from these good things that people live on. It is an incredible country, an exceptional trip and an unexplainable experience.”

Ursula Alvarez Herrera-Lasso
B.A. in Art History, UIA, Mexico