Estudiar Cursos de Verano en el Extranjero - Israel 2018
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Introducing Participants to the Program

In order to promote activism and coexistence, we offer financial aid to those who introduce participants to the program.

You may introduce participants by sharing links with your personal referral number (PRN) to receive a $100 USD scholarship* for each participant that visits the website for the first time through a link with your PRN. 

You may obtain links with your PRN from your account under the title of scholarships in two ways: as an invitation mail that you can forward to your contacts or as a URL address that you can copy and paste as a link in different websites, such as Facebook.

How it works

Your personal PRN is appended to each link's URL as the parameter ref=PRN. You PRN allows us to know which participants learn about the program thanks to you.  In return, we are able to grant you scholarships in the interest of encouraging students’ involvement in the promotion of coexistence.

When a participant registers for our website, we use cookies to check the PRN of the link he used to enter our website for the first time. Although  cookies work they are not 100% reliable. For example:

Users who disable/erase cookies or enter the website from a different computer/navigator without using the link will not be tracked.

To prevent this from occurring you can send the mailing list that you wish to use to We will review it and confirm you which of the emails have not previously been registered to our website. Each participant who registers with one of the emails that were not registered previously will be considered as being introduced* by you.


 *You are entitled to a US$100 scholarship per each participant you introduce as long as the participant:

  •  Is accepted and participates in the next session.
  •  Completes the registration process and covers the total cost of the program on time.
  •  Has not contacted us previously.
  •  Does not claim that he/she was introduced by someone else.
  •  The trip for which he/she registered is not cancelled.
  •  Does not receive scholarships from the program or sponsor institutions that are not related to recruitment.

Scholarships will be calculated once the deadline for paying the total cost of the program passes. The scholarships will be granted to participants as a discount on the total cost of the program and to non-participants as a stipend, which will be sent via Pay Pal.

Participants who are entitled to receive discounts will have an extra week to pay the total cost minus this discount.

Non-participants will need to provide us with a legal receipt for the total amount of the scholarship and a copy of an Official ID. Stipends will not be commissioned until completion of the program and all tax and transfer costs will be deducted from the stipend.