Estudiar Cursos de Verano en el Extranjero - Israel 2018
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Ambassador Program: Spread the word and earn scholarships

This seminar is made possible by the cooperation of students and faculty members who help promote the coexistence initiative at their universities.

In order to promote coexistence and activism, those who are willing to help us recruit for the program are entitled to receive a scholarship or stipend. Alumni can earn scholarships retroactively and be reimbursed part of their participation fees. Collaborators may help in the following ways:

1. Introduce Participants to the Program

You may introduce participants by sharing links with your personal referral number (PRN) and receive a 100 USD scholarship* for each participant that visits our website for the first time through a link with your PRN. 

You may obtain links with your PRN from your account in 2 ways: as an invitation email that you can forward to your contacts, or as a link that you can copy and paste on websites such as Facebook. To learn more details about this option and all the conditions that apply, please refer to the following link: 

*Details and Conditions

 2. Be our Campus Ambassador

Contacts are active students or faculty members who want to contribute to coexistence and promote our program at their College or University. They perform simple tasks that have an enormous impact on this initiative, and are entitled to receive a scholarship or stipend.

Depending on their availability and subject to their institution’s consent, contacts may choose which of the assignments listed below they wish to perform.  In return they will be entitled to receive a tuition discount or stipend of $50 or $100 per for each student from their institution who participates in the program. 

If you are interested in being our official contact at your campus for a semester or a year, please send your information to We ask that you send your CV, your country, city, state and campus of your University, as well as vacation periods (for future programs).

Thank you for helping us promote coexistence.

Contact liaison’s optional assignments:

1. Familiarize Yourself With the Program (required)
2. Contact Key Faculty Members
3. Have the Institution Invite its Students by Email
4. Advertise the Program at the University Wherever You Can!
5. Distribute Printed Material on Campus
6. Present the Program to Students
7. Grant Curricular Value to the Program
8. Scholarships
*Please Note