Estudiar Cursos de Verano en el Extranjero - Israel 2018
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Financial Aid

We make every effort to use our program funding to subsidize the overall cost for all participants. This allows us to provide a unique study abroad experience with a wide array ofield trips and renowned speakers at a similar cost to a regular summer course.

Coexistence in the Middle East (CME) also grants scholarships for participants who contribute to the promotion of the program. Through this opportunity, some participants have been able to cut their fees by as much as $1000 USD. 

Many participants have been able to find additional funding opportunities to cover a portion of or the full cost of the program, and in some cases, even airfare and personal expenses. In most of these cases, they have found this financial aid on their own in their countries of origin, through their academic institutions, local organizations, and foundations.

Some participants share information about local scholarship findings with us which we are happy to pass along to other candidates. Please register on our website so we will be able to share any relevant opportunities with you.

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We strongly recommend that you look for these opportunities on your own as nobody knows better than you which potential sources of funding could suit your personal background. 

You can also learn about financial aid opportunities at the Rothberg International School website.You may find the alternate sources of funding section especially useful.


Need-Based Scholarships

We have a limited amount of need-based scholarships available for participants in our CME courses. The vast majority of the funds available are awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Applicants must be accepted to a summer course before they can be considered for a scholarship. After acceptance to the summer course, an applicant can request a scholarship by sending the following items to and

  • Scholarship Form
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • A letter of intent, explaining why the scholarship is needed
  • The amount requested
  • An explanation of what other funds the applicant intends to use to pay for the summer course

As our funds are limited, we will do our best to enable the greatest number of qualified participants to attend CME. Therefore, we recommend that applicants submit a request for the lowest amount needed to enable their participation, as they will have higher chances to receive funds. Priority will be given to students who enroll in both summer session courses.

We must stress that the funds for our need-based scholarships are quite limited and can only go towards helping participants pay part of their tuition fees.